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Social Thinking Conference - 2018

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Preparing Students for Today's Social World

We are a nonprofit dedicated to serving students with developmental disabilities and the communities around them. We focus on a dangerously underfunded need: social skills development. Every year, thousands of students graduate high school with a diploma, but without the social ability to succeed in life. We are committed to changing the outlook of socially impaired students, one school at a time.

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Marvin's Club



Social skills may impact a student with a disability more than the disability itself.”

— Myers, Helen Nicole Frye, Social Skills Deficits in Students with Disabilities, 2013

Introducing Marvin's Club

By partnering with schools and private organizations, we strive to help students, with and without disabilities, develop deeper social knowledge about themselves and the world. This is Marvin's Club – making friends and making a difference.

I had searched seven years to find a program for my son. Not only did Marvin's Club meet all my expectations, it far exceeded them! The other day, out of the blue, my son said he doesn't get angry anymore like he did before Marvin's Club. He said he has learned things are sometimes out of his control, and he learns to be flexible.

— Parent of a 5th Grader 

Marvin's Club - Developmental Connections

It is our moral imperative as leaders to inspire passion in supporting ALL of our students into becoming the the best creators, collaborators and problem solvers they can be.

— Mrs. Ann Hines, Principal

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